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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in iPhone Photos

In going through the iPhone, I realized I had captured a lot of memories with it ... so I thought an end-of-the-year photo dump was in order.  There are A LOT of photos ... but they all are part of the story of 2012.  I'm not going to add captions to all of them, hopefully just the pictures will be good enough to spark that memory :-)

Two things I figured out with this exercise: 1. I am in more pictures than I think, and 2. I need to learn how to take better pictures with my iPhone!  Man what a kick in the butt to know I have mastered a complicated piece of equipment like a 5D Mark III but I can't take nice pictures with a silly little iPhone.  So please don't judge my photography skills based on this post :-)

For 2013, I will attempt to better utilize my iPhone because I have it with me everywhere ... my 5D MkIII ... not so much.