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Monday, May 6, 2013

Classical Conversations memory review

There are so many creative CC mamas out there that have adapted different memory ideas for CC.  In fact, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to pinning these awesome ideas!  I thought the Jenga review game was pretty cool.  Playing Jenga while reviewing our grammar?  Yes, please.  I wanted it to be useable for all CC cycles, so I wrote the review questions by subject and week, instead of asking cycle-specific questions on each block.  I used a sharpie to write directly on the blocks because I was afraid that using labels would make the game not work as well.  And to conserve, most of the blocks have a subject/week on each side.  Otherwise I would have needed to purchase 2 games.  Using both sides, I was able to get all of the subjects/weeks on them (Latin weeks were combined).  This idea could easily be adapted to any information that needs to be reviewed/remembered.  I love how versatile it is!

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  1. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I've linked to both this post and the Hedbanz idea at Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood Review Games. Thank you for the great ideas! :)