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Thursday, December 31, 2009

MORE snow!

ANOTHER SNOW DAY?! We have seen more snow in the past few weeks than the past several winters combined! This snow wasn't a big blizzard or anything, but wow, we just aren't used to this!
Snow definitely calls for pancakes, wouldn't you agree? I seem to burn mine every time but at least the kids get beautiful, not brown, "squooshy" pancakes. Angel always asks for "squooshy" ones ... whatever that means ... LOL.
Don't think the kids were ready for the camera this early ... but at least we were prepared for a fire!
Angel is back to school in a few days, so things will go back to "normal." I've enjoyed hanging out with the kids and staying in pj's, but I suppose we can't do this forever :-( Fortunately for the kids (not so fortunate for me), I start back to work so they probably won't be the sole subjects for my creative outlet anymore. I've enjoyed keeping the camera out - seriously, I sometimes see my OWN kids as my greatest challenge!

Taken with cloudy window light and ambient fluorescents. Settings - 1/60th, f/4, ISO1000-2000

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pretty Angel and her dollhouse

This would be classified as that "cheesy" look I constantly try to avoid with clients. It kind of works here so I'm gonna go with it.

Checking out what was going on inside the dollhouse.

Good gracious she's growing up ... can't believe how beautiful she is :-) We got some good "play time" in with the dollhouse today. She gets into these modes where ALL she wants to do is play with it and gets upset if you don't play with her. So we played a lot today!

Lovebug's new toy

One of Lovebug's new Christmas gifts ... yup, it's definitely a winner! He played with it for over an HOUR today in the playroom while Angel and I played with the dollhouse. He really is obsessed with cars!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'll do it myself!

When I came into the kitchen, this is what Lovebug was doing. LOL. He pushed the chair all the way over to the counter, got up on it and tried to get a pack of fruit snacks. I did end up helping him, but what an independent little guy, I just LOVE HIM! Thank goodness he didn't get hurt, my coffee pot was on ... just can't go without my coffee in the morning!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas morning {later}

Opening the next round of gifts ... Angel & Lovebug got cool see-through umbrellas from my parents.
They also got comfy new slippers - Lovebug couldn't WAIT to put them on! You can also check out my mom's handiwork AGAIN - she made the kids coordinating PJ's! Isn't she amazing?!
Angel is playing with the new Melissa & Doug castle that Lovebug got ... LOL.
Lovebug's checking out the Cars game he got for the new LF Click Start computer (I can't wait to get that hooked up!)
This was the only shot I could manage of Angel in her pink cowgirl hat. She really wanted one after Granddad got a black one for Lovebug's 2nd birthday. So far, she's not wearing it as much as she said she would, but we'll see :-)
Angel chillaxing in her Tinkerbell chair and sporting the new Minnie slippers. She hates socks, so this is a good alternative to bare feet in the winter. She's also sporting the PJ's my mom made for her - seriously, my mom is the best!
My awesome bro sporting the beard ... still not used to it but he can definitely pull it off!
Uncle and Angel playing the new Wii princess game he got her. She's mesmorized!
Lovebug was so funny - I was trying out the new softbox I got to go over my flash and he was looking up at me like I was crazy ... and then totally expecting the flash to go off, he kept squinting. My kids aren't used to it, I almost NEVER use a flash.
The boys ... unbelievable how many times I had to take this photo to get a good one! Boys, boys, boys.
Yeah this is pretty much the ONLY photo of me ... LOL. C'est la vie I suppose but sometimes it's nice to be captured in the memories. No one else did it for me, so I took matters into my own hands ... self-portrait with Dad :-)
My other brother completely passed on my dad ... poor guy, he worked ALL day on Christmas Eve and I made him get to my house "early" at 10am. LOL.
The craziness! Dogs passed out (see Taylor laying there too?), everyone watching Mickey's Christmas Carol (now THAT one brings back some memories) ... see Lovebug's new dancemat? He and Angel both totally love it. Wow what a great day ... so sad to see it end ... it always seems too soon.
D. giving some love to Lovebug. You can tell he was trying really really hard to hug her back!
Angel putting together her first necklace from the princess jewelry kit as things wind down. I think everyone had just left at this point (maybe around 2:30pm-ish).

Seriously, what an awesome day! My mom, dad, MIL and I got a kick-butt breakfast/brunch together and everyone really had a great time (I hope!). The kids have so many wonderful new toys to play with - Angel got some super cool games that we are already having fun playing. Thanks a BIG ton to my parents for helping to pull off the big day and making it so special for my kiddos (especially Mom - seriously, THANK YOU!). It's always really wonderful to spend time with the people that mean the most ... thanks everyone for making the day memorable! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Christmas morning {early}

We started at about 7am opening up the gifts from us and Santa ... not too bad considering how early Angel sometimes wakes up! Lovebug is opening up the "green" dump truck made of recycled milk jugs - he loves it!
Angel asked and asked for this little Lion (which she now calls her cat). It is best friends with the zhu zhu pet that she opened on Christmas Eve.
A Tinkerbell lantern.
She says the jewelry kit was one of her favorites ... it's so funny because I picked that up on a whim at Michael's.
I was really excited for her to open up these shoes ... I donated a smaller pair to her preschool class last year and she is obsessed with them. She gets upset if she doesn't get to wear them at school - not joking! Unfortunately, the ones at school are now too small and she still smooshes her feet into them anyway. Target hasn't had them for awhile but I was finally able to snag her a pair of her own!
Lovebug opening up the Cars mat - he LOVES (I mean really loves) Cars right now. He walks around saying "KA-CHOOOOW!" and brings the Cars DVD to me regularly to watch.
Playing with one of the new toys (see Angel's new shoes?! I knew she'd love them!)
Angel helping Lovebug open up his gift from Uncle and D. - a Home Depot dude dress-up set.

Yup, knew he'd love it! He's also obsessed with hats!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve at my house

The ladies hanging out in the kitchen and eating the delicious cheese ball.
Angel working on a Christmas puzzle with Grandma. This is the ONLY picture I have of the amazing velvet dress my mom made for her. I curled her hair and everything, she looked stunning! I'll have to bribe Angel for pictures again, it's way too pretty not to show off!
Lovebug trying to help with the puzzle :-)
On his trike. I'm amazed at how quickly he started pedaling around the house. Don't you just love his eyes? It's too bad you can see the ugly flash in them.
My Dad and DH working on dinner - Chicken Chesapeake! It was absolutely insanely delicious. You can see the huge bowl of crab imperial on the left - 3 pounds of jumbo lump ... mmmmmm. We also had rosemary roasted potatoes and salad to complete the meal.
The Christmas celebration begins with a dinner at my house with my family. It's a small gathering ... just a way for us to carry on the Christmas Eve tradition that started when my brothers and I were kids. I unfortunately didn't take a ton of photos, but a few are better than none I guess!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Images for our Christmas cards

Sooooo ecstatic with how these turned out! These are the images I decided on for our Christmas cards. I always get a little worried when I need to "pose" images of the kids because ... well ... it usually just doesn't work that well. LOL. I can work my magic on other kids but trying that on my kids is a completely different story. Fortunately I had great success :-)

I'm visualizing a couple of square gallery wraps in the gallery upstairs ...