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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Classical Conversations {Timeline Hedbanz}

So coming up with interesting and FUN ways to memorize the CC material has been interesting.  I'm mostly focusing on the Timeline material right now, although we still have work to do in the other subjects too!  We absolutely love the Timeline Song and all the motions that go with it ... so in order to make sure we had all of it nailed down, this morning we played "Timeline Hedbanz."  I give most of the credit to Angel - she's the one that suggest Hedbanz, and then I put the rules together.  There are many ways families could potentially play.  But this time, we used the Timeline Cards for the historical events and then acted out the motions for clues so that we could then guess which event we had on our heads.  It was a hit.  And I can see this game being way more fun when we have more cards to play with!

Don't know what the Timeline is that I'm talking about?  This is one of my favorite parts of Classical Conversations ... the kids will memorize 161 major point of world history over the school year from creation to present day, with a song.  We will not actually study all these parts of history in one year (although we definitely will study some!).  The idea behind memorizing the Timeline is that the kids will have memory pegs to build on in the years to come as we learn about history.  It also helps give them a complete view of world history in general, and helps them put different historical events in place.  I so wish I had this knowledge when I was a kid, it would make the jumbled history I learned in school all make sense!


  1. Great idea!!!! I love VP timeline cards!!!

  2. Such a great idea!! I am trying it! Thanks! What a fun way to review the timeline! We have fallen behind on memorizing the motions, so this will help us have a fun refresher course!


  3. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing!!