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Shoot me an email at and I'd be happy to chat with you!  Or you can also find me on Facebook with the link below.  I love to talk about adoption, cleft lip/cleft palate, all things related to my kiddos and of course, God's perfect love for all us.  If I can help you along your adoption journey in any way, I'd be honored to do so.  And if nothing else, I'd love to pray for you and your family.  I have been blessed beyond measure and pray I can pass those blessings onto other people also.  I so look forward to hearing from you, God Bless!


If I have blessed you in some way through my blog, I would be honored if you would "vote" for my blog on the sites below - all you need to do is click on the links once.  These sites are blog directories and each vote helps my blog get seen by more families.  Please help me bless others too!

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  1. HI! I have enjoyed reading your blog - you have a lovely family - found you thru No Hands but Ours. We are an adoptive family too - and homeschooling family. I love your blog layout - did you have it designed by someone (particularly love the scrolling photos at the header of your blog - and the wide margins). Did you have it done by someone or is this one of the layouts from blogger? Thanks!