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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Homeschool Room!

What a labor of love this Homeschool Room was!  I am seriously tickled with the results and just love how happy and cheery it is.  This also functions as our Playroom, so I needed lots of storage, (although many of the bigger toys found new homes around the house).  I know that we do not "need" this room to do homeschool.  But I also know myself.  And I know that if we do not have a separate place to get away from the house and get our homeschool on, that I won't be as diligent.  I justified the cost because overall, we are saving a lot of money by not private-schooling our kids this year.  Not including a few things (seriously, just a few) that we already had, this Homeschool Room makeover was about $850.

We already had the train table (which is so multi-functional, I just had to keep it in here) and the shelves for the games.  We also had some of the plastic drawers.  Aside from the fabric for the valances, just about everything came from Ikea, in case you couldn't tell :-)  And speaking of the valances, I have to brag a little because I am sooo not a sewer ... so if I can make these, anyone can!

At the desk area, you can see the Timeline on the wall - it was quite the project, but totally worth it.

This kiddie-sized green table and stools are for Sunshine and oh man, she loves having furniture that's her size!  She also really loves the little book shelf/bench under the window - my mom is going to make a nice coordinating cushion for that too.

We are using a Workbox Organizing System this year ... I like the simplicity, so I'm hoping it works for us.  The drawers in the middle of the desks are the kids' workboxes, I got them on sale at Michael's for about $60 total.

Our game shelf was already here.  It's wonderful to keep all of the little pieces to games out of little hands, but still easily accessible.

My intention will eventually be to cork board the wall above the chalkboard paint.  I painted the chalkboard a couple years ago and just couldn't bring myself to paint over it, so I kept it and am sure we'll use it a lot.  The only thing that's really missing in this room (as I can tell so far) is an area to display art work.  I used to have strings running along the walls at the ceiling with artwork covering the entire room, but it's a little too much with everything else in the room now.  I am also sure that other things will come up that will require tweaking in the room, but we have a good place to start now!

I'm planning on officially starting school next week, although we have been unofficially working on some subjects for the last several weeks.  Oh this is so exciting!!

If you are interested, here is some information about the room:
Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Parakeet, $70 for 2 gallons
Valance Fabric & Trim: JoAnn's, $50
Cubbies: Ikea Expedit Shelving Units Here and Here, $320 total
Desks: Ikea Micke Desks, $100 total
Red Chairs: Ikea Herman Chairs, $30 total
Workboxes: Rolling Storage Carts, $60 total (this is not the exact one, but a similar one I found online)
Green Table & Stools: Ikea Mammut Table & Stools, $80 total
Red Pillows: Ikea Granat Cushions, $12 total
Green Cubby Bins: Ikea Trofast Storage Boxes, $12 total
Large Red Bins: Ikea Lekman Boxes, $40
White Bins: Ikea Scubb Boxes, $15
Smaller Red Bins: Target, $1 each (in the dollar section)
Smaller Green Bins: Target ClosetMaid Fabric Drawers, $13 total
Train Table: Melissa & Doug Train Table, $95 (we already had this)
Game Shelves: Ikea Lack Wall Shelves, ~$30 total (we already these too)

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to share. It looks great!

  2. Very cheerful and organized! Good luck with your school year.

  3. Wow - gorgeous!!! Any kiddo would LOVE learning in that room.

  4. Love the color of the room. Nicely done.
    Best of luck to your school year!

  5. I love the colors you chose! My little one's room is almost the exact same green color and I just love how bright and cheery it is! Love the chalkboard and that window seat! What a great spot to read!

  6. Beautiful! Wish I was learning there! Good Luck! I know you'll do great!

  7. Looking at the pics again, i think all of that furniture was made just for your room! it all fits so perfectly!

  8. Oh, I love it! I followed your link from the hip homeschool mom's status about buying products from IKEA for homewshool. Most of our room is from IKEA as well but it's not nearly as finished as yours. I love your timeline idea. Do you have a picture of it? We are using Sonlight and I would love to do the timeline on the wall like too.

    1. Hi Kassy, I tried to send you an email but don't have your address. I have since finished the Timeline but don't have pictures of it up yet, I'll need to get on that!

  9. I love this little room and when I clicked over to check out your blog I realized that I "know" you. haha I am friends with Angie Weldon and checked out your blog a long time ago when you were adopting your little one. love it! hope life is going well with your kiddos and your sweet littlest one :)

  10. hi - I am not a home schooler nor have little kiddies anymore however I saw this on another blog iheartorganizing - and I must say - this is such an amazingingly BEAUTIIIIFUL room!!! Bless you and all the best - kind regards Kate ps i am in Perth Australia - am now gong to check out where you are ;-)

  11. hey nicole!
    i found you through iheartorganizing. first off, i love your homeschool room! the colors are fantastic and i love it all.
    secondly, i was hoping you could email me the type of book cases those are from ikea along your window wall. i'm actually making the 6 hr trip up to ikea this weekend for book cases for our playroom/someday homeschool room(my kids are little little), and i love your set up far more than ours...and we have a window wall just like yours! i was just hoping to get specifics so i can try to measure it out before i went up:) my email is thanks!!

  12. Hi Nicole, I also saw your post at iheartorganizing. You have done a goreous job, on making the space, organized and lovely. Huge Props to you :)