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Friday, July 26, 2013

CC Memory Review {CC Sequence}

Homeschool planning season seems like a good time to share this fun review game!  I first heard about CC Sequence months back on Half a Hundred Acre Woods.  But the sweet homeschool mama who was selling them wasn't taking anymore orders at the time, so I couldn't get my hands on one of the games.  Instead of waiting, I spent some time to make my own.  I cannot take any credit for the idea, but I duplicated it for my kiddos.  I am happy to pass along the game to anyone else who might like to use it for CC review as well.  You can download the CC Sequence .pdf HERE.  It's played just like the normal Sequence game you can buy in stores, and is good for all three cycles of CC.  The first game board is Weeks 1-12, the second is Weeks 13-24.  You'll need some kind of counters, but I figure all of us homeschool mamas have several varieties to choose from around the house! I suggest printing on card stock and laminating.  Enjoy!


  1. wonderful! thank you for sharing!

    1. we're an adoptive family too!

  2. I'm a tutor with CC, and I've been wanting to play this game with my class! Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together and for sharing it with us!!

  3. Bless you for taking the time to make this! My class will love this review game next semester. :)